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Jessica Ott - 3D Animator     |   +44 (0) 7908-609-029

Life Drawings

Pencil on paper, MPC Film online life drawing 2022 (10-20 minute sketches)






Pencil on paper, RA online life drawing 2020



Pencil on paper, New Masters Academy on line life drawing 2020


Pencil & charcoal on paper, Croydon Drawing Group 2016


Pencil, ink & charcoal on paper, 2016


Charcoal on paper, London Drawing 2014



Charcoal on paper, Bournemouth University 2008





Charcoal on paper, Swindon College 2008




Movement studies, charcoal on paper, UWE 2003


Supporting work for my Degree Project at The Nottingham Trent University.

The images below show a couple of the drawings I created during the final year of my degree. These images were displayed along side my sculptures in my final exhibition.
Chalk and charcoal, A1, The Nottingham Trent University, 2000.




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